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The following terms and conditions apply to Stallion Seasons Auctions hosted by Starquine.  Please read all terms and conditions prior to bidding on a season through our auction.  All bidders are responsible for understanding these terms.  If you do not understand these terms, it is your responsibility to clarify any questions or concerns with a Starquine representative prior to bidding in this auction.  Starquine considers all bids legally binding and you are responsible for all bids placed.

Do not make a bid that you are unwilling to honor.  All bids are considered binding, and if your bid is the winning bid, you will be responsible for paying that amount to the owner of that season.

All seasons which are offered on a "NO GUARANTEE" (NG) non-refundable basis, must be paid in full before breeding may occur. Seasons may be subject to the stallion farm's approval of mare if noted.

A "No Guarantee" season means a nomination to breed a Thoroughbred mare to a Thoroughbred stallion in a particular breeding season, the payment for which is due prior to such breeding. "No Guarantee" purchase of stallion seasons are NON-REFUNDABLE UNDER ANY CONDITION including the unavailability, infertility or death of the stallion, or the mare's death, inability to conceive or carry to term, once named and covered or for any other reason.

Unless otherwise stated, a "No Guarantee Season with a Breed Back" is defined as a “No Guarantee” season as defined above but if no foal results from the mating, a complimentary No Guarantee season will be provided for the following breeding season to the same stallion upon receipt of a satisfactory veterinary certification from the current breeding season subject to terms established by the stallion farm. Stallion must stand at the same farm for the following breeding season. There is no guarantee that the stallion will be available for the following breeding season.

Upon receipt of payment, the owner will notify the farm at which the stallion stands, of the name of the successful purchaser. The purchaser is then solely responsible for completing and forwarding a mare information form to the stud farm and making all booking arrangements.

Seasons to stallions standing in Kentucky are subject, under Kentucky law, to a 6% Kentucky Sales Tax in addition to the season purchase price.

Purchasers of stallion seasons agree to breed a Thoroughbred mare on the purchased seasons only in conformity with the lawful restrictions imposed by the syndicate manager, syndicate owner or stallion manager at the stud farm involved, pursuant to the syndicate agreement and/or any other generally applicable agreement and management practice for the stallion involved.

Purchaser acknowledges multiple seasons may be offered to the same stallion, and further, such seasons may be sold to an underbidder subsequent to the auction.

In order to bid in the auction, a prospective purchaser must complete and sign a registration form available online on Starquine.com (the “online registration form”). By submitting the online registration form, Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that he or she has provided Starquine.com with his or her name, address, phone number, email address and other identifying information, which information will be used to contact Purchaser in the event that he or she is a winning bidder. All data submitted during the online registration process with Starquine.com will be stored and retained by Starquine.com, subject to its own terms of use and/or other policies.