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What We Do

The Stallion Company is all about its namesake:  the stallion.  We are first and foremost focused on the stallion market - placing stallions in their ideal location, moving stallions, and giving the best possible appraisal on a stud's value based on more than half a century in combined Thoroughbred stallion marketplace knowledge from The Stallion Company's partners.

Today's commercial Thoroughbred marketplace is more complex and diverse than ever. The Stallion Company assists breeders at all levels of the marketplace to improve the quality of their operation with a unique and unequalled approach to client services.

The long-term value of your mare is dependent upon the performance of her foals – both in the sales ring and on the track. The Stallion Company can help you get the most value for your mare by providing the best available mating advice, as well as access to the best-matched stallions for your mare.

Once we gather information about your mares, we will provide you mating advice that includes not only top-notch pedigree analysis, but also a phenotype evaluation that will give you a complete picture of what stallions are best suited for your mares.

Due to our long-standing relationships with top stallion operations, we can help you obtain breeding contracts to even the most popular stallions in the United States. In addition, we can help you buy stallion seasons at the best price available in the market.

We are only successful if YOU are successful. Call us to find out how we can help you with your mating selections.

Client Services

  • Identification of client goals
  • Comprehensive mare evaluations and matings by The Stallion Company
  • Proprietary physical evaluations of every stallion in Central Kentucky
  • Expert analysis of current market conditions
  • Hypothetical matings based on pedigree and physical inspection
  • Stallion seasons available at the best value in the marketplace
  • Access to highly sought stallions

Stallion Brokerage

The Stallion Company specializes in all aspects of the Thoroughbred stallion business, including:

  • Purchase or sale of a stallion prospect
  • Purchase or sale of a proven stallion
  • Placement of a stallion, regionally or elsewhere, to maximize his value
  • Purchase and sale of stallion shares
  • Syndication of stallions
  • Selling of seasons

Seasons and Shares

Contact us for inqueries on share availability and upcoming seasons!!